Services - Commercial cleaning


As long as you have carpets or anything that requires extraction cleaning then we can be of service to you. We cater for all sizes of businesses be it small or Large and in all business sectors such as private, public and corporate. The best part is that we know flexibility is key, therefore we work around the clock 24/7.

Before any work is carried out, we appreciate and put huge importance on the health & safety on your and our employees. It is paramount that all safety procedures are regularly practiced and demonstrated on site throughout, ensuring everyone’s safety. Signs are clearly displayed and we’ll make sure that potential accidents such as slip or falls will be avoided. Importantly, we make it know to anyone present during the clean that we are there and what the risks are.

Every Cp master clean A Clean technician is provided with full ongoing training to maintain their skills at the highest possible level. We are proud to tell you that anyone visiting you from our company have passed strict quality of workmanship tests to upkeep high standards and knowledge. We can confidently say we are ambassadors of the trade.